A platform for educational material in Donor Health Care
In the past decade donation of Substances of Human Origin (SoHO) has increased. Living donors include donors of blood, plasma, organs, stem cells, tissues and gametes. As a resultĀ  the interest in donor safety and suitability became more apparent. With the support of the European Life Long Learning Programme, the DoHeCa (Donor Health Care) consortium developed educational material for medical professionals involved in assessing donors and obtaining Substances of Human Origin (SoHO). It is overarching for the fields of blood, cells and tissue donation.

The DoHeCa project
The DoHeCa consortium, involving 15 European partner institutes, developed a programme on master-level, and offers to make this material widely accessible for professionals working in the Donor Health Care field. More information about the programme and the content of the modules can be found on this website under Educational Programme. Interested? Please drop us a line and we will send you one or more handbooks, that you can use for training purposes.