About the project

In 2013, the DoHeCa project started. The international DoHeCa (DOnor HEalth CAre) consortium, was formed with several European organisations in the fields of blood, cells, tissues, organs and transplantation. They recognized and supported the need for an innovative collaboration in these fields. Together they developed a  distance-learning curriculum for all professionals working in donor health care disciplines.

Need for a joint curriculum
Currently, no professional curriculum for donor health care is available. Improvement of competences of health care professionals will increase the quality and safety of both donor care and the donated product. The educational DoHeCa material, combining the fields of blood, cells, tissues and organs, contributes to more professional and uniform medical donor practices, resulting in overall better donor care. It  improves the pre-and definite selection and the post-donation process, reducing side effects and complications. Moreover, it has a harmonising effect on quality over the European countries and the different disciplines involved. Distance-learning enables international target groups to use the material.

European co-funding
The DoHeCa project received co-funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Life Long Learning Programme (project number 538986-LLP-1-2013-1-NL-EARSMUS-EQR).