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In Memoriam – Prof. dr. Jon J. van Rood

Jon J. van Rood (1926-2017) (Photo: Jack Bakker Photography)

It is with great sadness that the DoHeCa staff announces the death of Professor Jon J. van Rood, teacher in the module Basic Principles in Donor Health Care, at the age of 91.

From 1952, Jon van Rood was Head of the blood bank in the Leiden University Medical Center, where he also founded the Department of Haematology. Intrigued by side effects of blood transfusion, his scientific research focused on matching of red blood cells, and later of Human Leucocyte Antigens (HLA). Looking for ways to find the best matching donor for a kidney or stem cell recipient, and thus improving graft survival remained his lifelong ultimate goal. Jon van Rood was founding father of Eurotransplant, the Dutch stem cell donor registry Europdonor (currently Matchis), and the World Marrow Donor Association. In 1988 he was the initiator of Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide, the global donor inventory and on-line matching facility with now more than 30 million registered stem cell donors.

Jon van Rood was an excellent teacher; by enriching his lectures with examples from clinical practice, he tried to make medical science lively and comprehensible. We are proud that he contributed to the DoHeCa programme, as a teacher of The History of HLA and Stem Cell Transplantation in the module Basic Principles of Donor Health Care.

Newsletter released!

We just released our 8th newsletter with information especially about the project and pilot progress, and also the future of DoHeCa! You can download the newsletter here.

Newsletter released!

We just released our 7th newsletter with information about the pilot progress and especially the introduction of our new team members! You can download the newsletter here.

Publication of scientific research

A number of are DoHeCa partners are actively involved in scientific research: congratulations to Tom Vuk and colleagues with the publication of the following paper!

Investigation of iron status in blood donors

Tomislav Vuk, Karin Magnussen, Wim de Kort, Gilles Folléa, Giancarlo M. Liumbruno, Harald Schennach, Giovani Vandewalle, Veerle Compernolle, Natalia Masharova, Georgia Karakatsiani, Isabella Argyrou, Vít Rehácek, Gulara Khanirzajeva, Johanna Castrén, Bruno Danic, Rachid Djoudi, Geneviève Woimant, Markus M. Mueller, Constantina Politis, Stefania Vaglio, Anita Daugavvanaga, Edita Vilutyte, Jean-Claude Faber, Denise Borg-Aquilina, Peter van den Burg, Arlinke Bokhorst, Ryszard Poglód, Jolanta Antoniewicz-Papis, Mario Muon, Olivia L. Burta, Jana Rosochová, Polonca Mali, Miguel A. Vesga, Karin Schneider, Rut Norda, Nicky Anderson

ABSTRACTFULL PDF – Published online: 07/09/2016

Sept 17th 2016: World Marrow Donor Day

To thank all donors worldwide; Unrelated donors, family donors, cord blood donors, donors who already have donated, and donors who are on the global registry waiting to donate. To raise awareness among the general public and decision-makers about being a stem cell donor and the impact of blood stem cell transplantation on patients’ live.

More information on

4th WBMT workshop

On behalf of the WBMT committee on donor issues we kindly invite you to participate the 4th WBMT workshop on donor outcomes on September 22nd – 23rd, 2016 in Tel Aviv.

Please find the scientific program here and the registration form here.

For hotel booking you may send an e-mail to Ms. Shiri Serano ( and book your room directly. In order to get our reduced price you have to note the special price code “WBMT” and tell Ms. Serano that you are attending the workshop. The Vital Hotel is a small boutique hotel within the campus of the medical center.

The WBMT committee on donor issues would be pleased to welcome you in Tel Aviv.

Blood world donor day

Voluntary, unpaid blood donations must be increased rapidly in more than half the world’s countries in order to ensure a reliable supply of safe blood for patients whose lives depend on it, WHO said on World Blood Donor Day.

Read the full article here!

Donor outcome registry

More than 60 EBMT centres have already started entering their related donor data. We want to invite you to participate in this important registry too.

EBMT has implemented a platform for a Donor Outcome Registry in the EBMT ProMISe database. The objective is to build up a database in the EBMT registry system for donor outcome follow up for centres and interested registries, in order to be able to provide robust data on short and long term donor safety and to develop recommendations for donor eligibility, donor selection and outcome follow up based on donor health characteristics.

EBMT centres can enter their data for related donors the same way as they enter the data for their transplanted patients.

More than 60 EBMT centres have already started entering their related donor data. We want to invite you to participate in this important registry too.

When interested, please complete the short online survey which consists of just 3 questions to identify your centre.

Thank you.