European Blood Alliance

EBA logoWhat is EBA?

The EBA is an alliance of 25 not-for-profit Blood Establishments in the EU and EFTA-states. Our mission is to strive toward a safe, secure and cost effective blood and tissue and cell supply for the citizens of Europe by developing and maintaining an efficient and strong collaboration amongst European blood and tissue and cell services. Our members annually collect 16.5 million blood donations, supplying blood and blood components to a population of 475 million.

Why do we support DoHeCa?

We owe big thanks to the donor – with their donation, we can help patients. To make sure that donors are taken care of well, it is imperative that the professionals who deal with donors are well-educated and will be able to act in the donors’ best interest. The DoHeCa Master provides valuable knowledge and EBA is very happy to be able to be a part of this!

Download the EBA annual report here!