Liver Awareness Month – October

A month devoted to the importance of liver awareness gives you the opportunity to focus on the important role the liver plays. You can also learn about different forms of liver disease including the threat posed by obesity and fatty livers.

And to begin, why not take the quick quiz to test your knowledge about liver disease? It’s definitely quick — just four questions with the answers!

• How many people in America have one form or another of liver disease? (Answer: 30 million)

• How many types of disease are there? (Answer: More than 100.)

• Is it possible to have liver disease and not know about it? (Answer: Yes, the shocking fact is that about 75 percent of the population infected with hepatitis B and hepatitis C is unaware they are even infected.)

• Is it true that liver disease is primarily caused by alcohol and drug abuse? (Answer: No, while it continues to be one of the causes, the truth is that liver disease can occur for many other reasons including the mounting obesity rate in the United States.)