Project Management Team
Main partner Sanquin Blood Supply is responsible for the overall project management, project content, communcation and reporting to the European Commission. The Project Management Team consists of the following persons:

– Project Leader: Anne-Marie van Walraven, PhD
– Project Leader: Prof. Wim de Kort, MD
– Project Coordinator: Oana Draghici, MSc

Consortium members
The consortium members are DoHeCa’s core members and beneficiaries of the project. Their contribution to the project is co-funded by the Life Long Learning Programme.

Steering Committee
DoHeCa’s Steering Committee consists of representatives of all consortium members. Their contribution to the project is co-funded by the Life Long Learning Programme. All consortium members have appointed one person within their own organisation to be responsible for the execution of the project. Together they form the Steering Committee, which is chaired by Sanquin Blood Supply. The Steering Committee decides on all strategic issues within the framework of the project plan. The organisations in the Steering Committee are jointly responsible for carrying out the DoHeCa project in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement. Each member of the Steering Committee is responsible for the communication between the Steering Committee and their own organisation.

Associated Partners
DoHeCa’s associated partners provide the consortium with facilities or assistance that enhance the quality of the project. Associated partners do not receive financial contribution from the Life Long Learning Programme. For specific parts of the project, the Project Management Team will ask for their assistance and advice.

Advisory Board
The task of the Advisory Board is to advise the Steering Committee in strategic aspects.

Quality Board
The task of the Quality Board is to review the quality and content of the curriculum (review of performance against the plan). Based on observations, they propose changes, give advices, contributing to the quality of the project.